Dr. Dan Greene

Program Director

Kathy Schaefer

Program Administrator

About Michigan WorkSafe

Over the last 20 years, Michigan WorkSafe has provided back and ergonomic training to nearly 100,000 workers.

This program is free to employers/employees through a educational safety grant with MIOSHAs Consultation & Educational Training Division (CET) and the Michigan Association of Chiropractors.

The goal of MIOSHA, and WorkSafe, is to assist industries with injury reduction programs and resources.

Michigan WorkSafe Offers Two Options:

• self-paced, e-learning module that can be accessed 24/7
• one-hour in-person/virtual training session(s)
For In-person/virtual presentations, a trained doctor-instructor works with employees to lift and move properly. They also provide a health and wellness component with that being a key factor in preventing injuries.

In-person/virtual presentations are customized to your industry/ facility for maximum results. 

Our focus is personal responsibility, to be healthy and injury free both at work and at home.