A Stronger You

Driving truck keeps the economy thriving by moving high demand goods.
A strong core as well as hip muscles keeps your body relaxed throughout the day.
Below are great stretches to improve your performance.

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Slips, Trips & Falls

Secure footing is key to keeping yourself safe from a slip, trip or fall. Use the clearest walkway or pathway to deliver your materials. Avoid trying to hold a position while off-balance.

Take a Moment to Prevent a S/T/F:

  • Wear sturdy footwear
  • Assess a linear path before moving in that linear direction
  • Pivot with your feet when moving directions

  • Keep a look out for obstacles

Lower body strength

Strong muscles around your trunk or abdomen protects your back.
Muscle strength maintains a correct posture.

Core & Back Stretches

Hip Stretches

Upper Body Strength

Relaxed shoulders gives you full range of motion through your shoulders and hands.
Hand function is influenced by tight muscles in the shoulder.

Neck & Shoulder Stretches