A Stronger You

Your work in the Warehousing & Storage industry keeps supply chains moving. Keeping products available helps Michigan’s economy.
Going in with a strong trunk/back helps keep you in great shape when at work and at home.
Below are great stretches to improve your performance.

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Slips, Trips & Falls

In your arena, use forklifts and mechanical lifts to do the work. They’re designed to handle the heavy loads for you. 

It’s incredibly important to keep floors dry at all times, as well as keep item’s off the floor. Do this for both you and your team. 
Prevent a Slip, Trip or Fall:
  • Pre-plan your actions before you act
  • Look ahead to see that it’s clear ahead
  • Prevent clutter and obstacles
  • Keep floors dry with no debris 
  • Wear safety shoes 

Upper Body Strength

Relaxed shoulders helps keep your neck and arms relaxed.

Arm & Shoulder Stretches

Lower body strength

Stronger abdominal muscles and flexible hips naturally reduces pressure on your back.

Waist Stretches

Hip & Back Stretches