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Michigan’s health care workers make up a large percentage of the state’s economy. The industry is filled with compassionate people caring for family and friends. You’re on the move, using a variety of muscles. Stronger muscles are easier on the body and overall health. Include the stretches below into your daily routine and see the difference in your energy level.

A Stronger You

Healthcare is a dynamic field with talented people providing care to Michigan residents.
You are on the move, using a variety of muscles. The best way to stay fit is to have strong core muscles.
Below are great stretches to improve your performance.

Upper Body Stretches

Relaxed shoulders gives you full range of motion through your shoulders and hands.
Tight muscles influence hand function in the shoulder.

Hand Stretches

Arm Stretches

Shoulder Stretches

Lower body Stretches

Strong muscles around your trunk or abdomen protects your back.
Muscle strength maintains a correct posture.

Back Stretches

Waist Stretches

Hip Stretches