A Stronger You

Healthcare is a dynamic field with talented people providing care to Michigan residents.
You are on the move, using a variety of muscles. The best way to stay fit is to have strong core muscles.
Below are great stretches to improve your performance.

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Slips, Trips
& Falls

When you Slip, Trip or Fall your adding unnecessary force against your body.
Falling Forward—can affect arms and travel up to the shoulders, neck and upper spine.
Falling Backward—can knock your pelvis out from its normal position (when you fall on your behind) and hurt your lower back.

Take a Moment to Prevent a S/T/F:

• Watch where you are walking
• Wear good footwear
• Help prevent obstacles
• Look ahead to see that it’s clear ahead
• Keep areas clean from clutter

Upper Body Stretches

Relaxed shoulders gives you full range of motion through your shoulders and hands.
Hand function is influenced by tight muscles in the shoulder.

Hand Stretches

Arm Stretches

Shoulder Stretches

Lower body Stretches

Strong muscles around your trunk or abdomen protects your back.
Muscle strength maintains a correct posture.

Back Stretches

Waist Stretches

Hip Stretches